Co-Creating the Future of your business

Finron is your partner in co-creating your business ideas. We offer a wide range of services for entrepreneurs seeking for investors or supporters in any phase of your business development

Against Bootstrapping

We have all been there – Founding a new start-up can be a hard task if your company is lacking in money. This is where Trend Consulting comes in to support you. If we are convinced of your Business idea, we can help you by subscribing the required amount of capital and to facilitate the start in your professional life.

Lean Start-up

Unsurprisingly, this has been the main topic in Silicon Valley over the last couple of years. Local Investors of the region have decided to not support their start-ups anymore or to deny any seed-capital. Solely, Business Concepts that are very elaborated and dispose over a sustainable and remarkable number of reference clients are given the chance to Venture Capital. This means, if your start-up made it to that position, you will receive a notable amount that others can only dream of. The talk is of a “Lean Startup”. This idea perfectly reflects our philosophy – progress at a fast pace with only a little capital.


From our point of view, Outsourcing can be regarded as one of the main success factors for operations – it leads to quick results and is by far more effective than choosing the individual way by trying to execute everything on your own. Teamwork always pays off – we would love to provide our resources and established network as a motivation at your disposal.

Seed Capital

Seed capital are financial instruments, that guarantee the covering of the capital demand for the booster phase in the development of a company. They represent a subset of the inevitable instruments that are inserted in the process of the start-up financing. This is where we come in. We regularly help start-up companies with the acquisition of the capital.

Rapid Prototyping

We are not looking for highly developed conceptual designs – what we want is way more down-to-earth. Even if it may sound a little controversial, let us pass on directly to your prototypes and we will show you how effective this strategy can be. If you ever participated in a Start Up Weekend or a similar Jam, you should have remembered that concepts without prototypes are often lacking in credibility. However, those side effects can be erased at the very beginning and by that they can assure a meaty discussion base – for internal processes and prospective clients.

Reliable partner

We strive to connect partnership with traditional values. We are considering ourselves as the constructive friction point in our own projects as well as the power source in the obtaining of new business partners. Together everybody achieves more – we make sure that everybody can absolutely rely on one another. Trend Consulting will stand by their pledges with no ifs or buts. You can count on that.